Sandblasting Chicago!Hello! Thank you for visiting our website. We're the sandblasting experts of Chicago. Do you need rust or paint removal? Surface preparation? Car or boat restoration? Need your pool sandblasted? How about your wooden, concrete, or metal surfaces? If you're in need of any of these services and are in the Chicago area, look no further. We at Sandblasting Chicago have got you covered. Our experienced team of sandblasting experts is standing by, waiting to deploy our high pressured sandblasting equipment. At our company, we simply love what we do. We've got the knowhow, equipment, and experience to provide industrial cleaning and restoration services.

About Us

Sandblasting Chicago offers a variety of types of sandblasting assistance in Chicago and the surrounding metropolitan area. Our locally owned company possesses and operates the most up to date sandblasting technology that can conquer a multitude of different surface materials, from concrete to wood to various types of metal. Packing years of experience in our sandblasting hoses, we proudly serve the people of the greater Chicago area.

Not only are we sandblasting experts, but we thoroughly enjoy our work with a passion as we blast away that which needs removing to make way for renewal. We blast away messes, leaving objects of all materials silky smooth.


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    The experts at Sandblasting Chicago provide a wide array of services. Our team can do it all. We remove unwanted layers of, well, stuff from any surface material, including rust, old paint, scale, and discoloration, among others. We also help you prepare surfaces for finish.

    There is no sandblasting job that is too small or too big for our team of experts, whether its industrial sandblasting, residential sandblasting, boat sandblasting, car sandblasting, or anything else. Check out our gallery to see for yourself what our team of sandblasting experts is capable of. We are well versed in various techniques, including dustless blasting and soda blasting.

    dustless blasting services in Illinois

    Dustless Blasting

    We offer state of the art dustless blasting services for many surfaces and objects. It’s safe on any surface. Along with soda blasting, dustless blasting is the newest and most ecofriendly method on the market. Our professional and experienced team of sandblasters is well-versed in the fine arts of dustless blasting. We would love to provide you with a demonstration! Don’t hesitate to call us today so see why dustless blasting is so popular. Its ecofriendly properties are truly the wave of the future. It’s also time effective as it requires no sanding or grinding! Let our professionals get to work for whatever blasting project you need.

    soda blasting chicago

    Soda Blasting

    Soda blasting is so cool. That’s why they use it on the Statue of Liberty! Soda blasting is a light duty method of sandblasting, also called, abrasive blasting, which utilizes compressed air and sodium bicarbonate particles (baking soda) to be blasted against a surface. It is often preferable to conventional and traditional sand particles because soda blasting significantly mitigates or even erases damage done to surfaces. It is also among the most ecofriendly of blasting methods, along with dustless blasting. At Sandblasting Chicago, we are well versed in soda blasting and are happy and eager to prove our metal with you, our valued customer. Give us a call today!

    car sandblasting IL

    Car Sandblasting

    Do you want to restore an old car? We love cars at Sandblasting Chicago. Just like in our other services, we view car sandblasting as an art. We know exactly which media to use and enjoy taking our time to do a quality job. Whether this is part of a car restoration or you just want to get rust, erosion, old paint, or whatever else off of your car, we are the ones to call at Sandblasting Chicago. We also offer car protection services to make sure you don’t need another sandblasting job for your car or truck anytime in the near future. We love what we do. Let us work on your car today!

    boat and barge blasting Illinois

    Boat Sandblasting

    Why provide boat sandblasting for a variety of seagoing vessels, from larger rigs to recreational boats. We all know how important it is not to let the bottom of your boat erode. We are also all environmentally conscious these days. At Sandblasting Chicago, we accomplished both of these things without breaking the bank. If you’ve got undesired substances smeared all over the bottom of your boat, built up for years, we are the pros to get rid of it. We are sandblasting experts, passionate about our work, and know exactly how to deal with a wide variety of boat sandblasting jobs depending on what the vessel is used for and how severe the issue is. Call us today!

    residential and home sandblasting

    Residential Sandblasting

    At Sandblasting Chicago, we provide all of your residential sandblasting needs. Whatever you need in your home – whether it’s mold or asbestos removal, restoration, paint removal, brick renewal, sandblasting for the siding of your house, your pool, your deck, the deck of your pool, or whatever else – give us a call today! We can use all of our talents, experience, tools, means, methods, and expertise to get the job done at your residence in an effective and timely manner. We take great pride in our work. We invite you to look around our website for past residential projects.

    industrial sandblasting IL

    Industrial Sandblasting

    We at Sandblasting Chicago are qualified and experienced in all sorts of sandblasting projects, including those of the industrial variety. We are experts in a wide variety of industrial sandblasting projects. We have state of the art industrial sandblasters that we love using that can sandblast away any unwanted substance on any material of any size. We provide a lot of options and media to choose from. For industrial blasting, we can handle media blasting, soda blasting, shot blasting, dustless blasting, and many other types. Contact us today!

    "I took my old car in to Sandblasting Chicago and, wow, it looked like new! You could tell they not only know what they’re doing, but they took the time to get it exactly how I wanted it." – Stan T.

    "A bunch of neighborhood kids tagged graffiti all over the local school. As principal, it was my responsibility to get it cleaned up. After checking around for options, we decided on Sandblasting Chicago. They came over right away and got that mess cleaned up in no time! It was also pretty cheap, saving the taxpayers money." – Tonya R.

    "There was asbestos all of my house. Sandblasting Chicago showed off exactly why people think they’re so good. They were friendly and quick, and now I don’t have to worry about asbestos in my house for myself or my family." – Roxana S.

    Contact Us

    We would be happy to tell you more about our Chicago and surrounding area sandblasting services. We invite you to get in touch with us by telephone or email to talk to our experienced, qualified professional sandblasters. Our company is more than please to answer any questions about your sandblasting concerns with detailed, thoughtful, and informed answers. We value politeness and professionalism. Our team takes pleasure in providing the best sandblasting services in Chicago and the surrounding area. Give us a call today! We’d love to serve you.

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