About Sandblasting Chicago

Sandblasting Chicago is a company whose employees have years of sandblasting experience, and we've got to tell you, we think it’s a roaring good time. There is something particularly satisfying and empowering about blasting abrasive particles with such force so as to completely smooth out jagged or bumpy surfaces. Our Chicago sandblasting team has the knowhow, equipment, and experience to fulfill all your needs, from renovations and restorations to cleaning and discoloration or metal removal.

If you live in the Chicago area, we are the sandblasting experts for you. We invite you to peruse our website to take a look at our offers and sample projects. You will find glowing testimonials of our quality work. We are proud of the quality standards that our team provides.

Sandblasting is an awesome process which entails shooting a variety of abrasive particles at extremely high pressure in a svelte blast to remove rust, corrosion, paint, and whatever else has befallen material surfaces, from wood to metal. Sandblasting has been a reliable industrial technique for over a hundred years, but we at Sandblasting Chicago have truly mastered it. We take our reputation seriously, looking to provide our customers with the very best in the Chicago area. None of the competition are better versed in efficient practices or safety procedures.

We wield our sandblasters with pride and take great pleasure in removing nasty exterior layers of corrosion and decay. The process also eliminates old and chipped paint coatings, layers of dirt, and miscellaneous undesirable substances such as oil or whatever has caked itself on the material surface. We guarantee your satisfaction.


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