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boat needing sandblasting chicagoGot a boat? Is the material rusted or dirty? Look no further than Chicago Sandblasters to rectify your boat issues. It’s not just about aesthetics, but more importantly it’s about maintaining the quality of the material holding your boat together and keeping it afloat. You do not want to let a boat’s vital materials erode. That’s where we come in. Our experienced professional blasters provide safe and cost-effective solutions to your boating woes.

We typically use fiberglass as the meda to get rid of gel coat and prepare the surface. Marine coatings are a different story, which we’ve also got covered. We know the proper media and have the expertise to blast your boat the right way to maintain its seaworthiness. There are different types of cleanliness which we invite you to take a look at.

White Metal Blast

Our professionals follow the guidelines of Steel Structures Painting Council (SSPC), which as identified four levels of blasting cleanliness, which Chicago Sandblasters provides at different costs. The level determined to be the most cleanly is white metal blasting. White metal blasting means that your boast will be free of all visible rust, mill scale, paint, and any and all unwanted matter.

White metal blasting is used for the most sophisticated blasted needs, such as those with zinc-rich coatings and those in the most corrosive environments, such as oil rig vessels. Commercial or recreational boats probably do not need such an intensive procedure, but we invite you to consult with our experienced professionals regarding your needs.

Near White Metal Blast

Near white metal blasting is the second highest level of cleanliness. It can achieve 95% of the effectiveness of the heavy-duty white metal blasting for your boat and other seagoing vessels. Some staining may remain, but overall the near white metal blast is a suitable solution for boat sandblasting.

While the industrial level white metal blasting may be overkill for commercial or recreational boating needs, near white metal blasting is probably necessary for steel that uses high performance coatings is intended for heavy usage in potentially gritty environments where rapid erosion is a possibility. For a more exact appraisal, please consult with our experienced professionals.

Commercial Blast

Commercial blasting achieves two thirds of the effectiveness of the most cleanly method, white metal blasting. Some particularly stubborn old paint coats may remain. Commercial blasting is a more specific type of job that should be specified before work is begun.

It may be used after buying a used boat where the method is suitable for re-applying bottom paint without needing to go full on white blasting or near white blasting, our commercial blast will not cause a mess. Significant dirt and gunk buildup are inevitable with used vessels. Ultimately, commercial blasting is sufficient to wipe away these unwanted materials.

Brush Off Blast

At Sandblasting Chicago, the lowest level of cleanliness service in accordance with Steel Structures Painting Council (SSPC) we offer is brush off blasting. Don’t let the ranking fool you, though. For recreational boat use that does not subject vessels to harsh environments, this cost effective blasting method may be the most ideal for the casual boat user. It will still remove the dirty and grime as a reliable form of bottom boat blasting but may leave some particularly stubborn residue of mill scale, rust, and paint coatings.

If you don’t intend to apply heavy-duty coating to the bottom of your boat and will not be taking her into harsh environments, brush off blasting is a perfectly acceptable method. Call Sandblasting Chicago today to learn more.


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