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car blasting ILDo you have a vintage car or truck that you want to restore? At Sandblasting Chicago, we have the means and expertise to blast away rust, corrosion, old paint, and whatever else that should be swept away to make way for repainting and interior restoration. Our sandblasting service technicians patiently remove unwanted residue from both the exterior and the body of your car or truck. Being experts in blasting materials, speed, and various sizes of nozzle tips, you can count on us for your sandblasting car restoration needs. We place quality work above all else, spending meticulous ours on your car or truck to make sure the job is done right.

Choosing Blast Media and Equipment

We understand that people want the utmost care when it comes to their cars or trucks. As such, we at Sandblasting Chicago have a wide variety of blasting media to choose for the most proper application and sandblasting job. First, you must choose the proper media. Most media types are not good for blasting cars. Then there is blasting pounds per square inch (PSI) to consider. There is also the nozzle tip size, which matters. Generally, smaller is better.

Most importantly, you need experienced professionals manning the equipment. We promise you quality results and to consider the care you have for your vehicle.

Crushed Glass Blasting

We at Sandblasting Chicago are big fans of vintage cars and trucks. When we get our hands on one, we carefully apply the correct type of sandblasting media for your car or truck. Crushed glass is often the most effective type of material to blast car or truck body panels. Our technicians are skilled, careful, and intimately familiar with surface types and how they react to different blasting methods and materials.

With crushed glass, our technicians utilize this process at around 40 to 50 pounds per square inch (PSI), which also hinges on the type of surface we are working with. We use crushed glass blasting on parts or the entirety of cars and trucks.

Auto Rust and Paint Removal

If you’re a car enthusiast, you know what kind of damage rust can do over time. We are experienced in beating rust. We service cars, trucks, trackers, trailers, and any kind of vehicle that has been victimized by the harsh realities of rust. Whether it’s part of an automobile or the entirety, call Sandblasting Chicago today.

We can get rid of rust in the interior, on the hood, trunk, or roof, from the frames or fenders, from mufflers and tailpipes, and from any individual automotive part. This is an indispensable process when restoring or maintaining a car. Let us assist you today! We also remove old paint coats.

Powder Coating

What should you do after getting the surface of your car or truck sandblasted? At Sandblasting Chicago, we offer post-sandblasting powder coating services to help you maintain the freshness of your car or truck. Powder coating is more ecofriendly than conventional liquid applications. Our professional technicians take pride in our knowledge of cars and the way we take care of them for you.

We do powder coating, heat coating, enamel coating, and much more! Our methods provide a strong protective surface to ensure that your newly fresh car or truck can stave off rust and decay longer. All of our jobs at Sandblasting Chicago are personalized and detail oriented.


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