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When there’s something stained… in your neighborhood. Who you gonna call? The Sand Blasters! At Sandblasting Chicago, we wield our gear proudly, the nozzles, the hoses, all of the heavy equipment is used to blast away unwanted stains and substances from a countless variety of materials. A glorious stream of sci-fi looking substances blast from our hoses. Sound familiar? You know who to call. We sandblast automobiles, boats, residences, businesses, internal piping, factories, public objects such as water towers, and many other surfaces and objects. You, our valued customer, can contact us with confidence that we are the best in the Chicago area.

We value customer satisfaction, cost-effectiveness, efficiency, professionalism, friendliness, and the environment. We bring that fresh look to whatever needs sandblasting and know exactly which media substances, equipment, and nozzles to use. If you are in Chicago or the surrounding area, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!

Our professional sandblasters simply love our work. It is art to us. The satisfaction of blasting away unwanted substances to give material surfaces that fresh, clean look is a reward in and of itself for us at Sandblasting Chicago.

We are dedicated to our customers as our reputation is important to us. Please contact us today at the number listed on our website to speak directly with a quailed professional sandblaster or drop us an email if you prefer. We will reply to all inquiries promptly. All of our staff are skilled in our craft and are standing by to serve you.


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