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dustless blasting barge in chicagoDustless sandblasting represents some of the newest technology in our industry, and we love it. What does it do? Well, we're glad you asked. Dustless blasting facilitates the removal of any type of coating from any surface, damage free. It is the gentlest way for our technicians to use the tools we love. It used recycled glass abrasive to easily wipe away unwanted residue or any type of coating. We can strip primer, remove paint, or get stubborn gunk off of any surface. The process is magical, making difficult coating removal look like spraying away soft mud with a hose.

What is Dustless Blasting?

Dustless blasting is the wave of the future for abrasive blasting media. It’s pretty cool. Dustless blasting methods use glass beads suspended in water. It is significantly superior to conventional sandblasting, which is an unforgiving material that can damage surface materials. This mixture of glass and water removes harmless dust and significantly reduces warping and damage caused by friction and heat.

It is also faster and more effective than previous conventional methods, with the lack of dust meaning that machinery won’t shutdown. The water being used captures the substances being removing and thus prevents them from becoming airborne, keeping everything clean.


If you want powder coating removed, you usually have to accept the consequence of swirling dirt and dust. Our dustless blasting method, however, eliminates this hazard. We can remove powder coating in one simple step. And unlike past methods, dustless blasting does significantly reduce any and all risk of warping or damaging the surface area.

Most of all, dustless blasting takes care of dangerous substances coated on surfaces that you don’t want to breathe in. We can remove toxic powder, abate asbestos, blast away mold, and remove oil stains, among others. We also clean up unsightly substances, such as graffiti.


At Sandblasting Chicago, we care about the environment. Dustless blasting and soda blasting are the most environmentally safe form of sandblasting. Simply put, our dustless blasting method, as well as our soda blasting method, is greener than the competition's. Our professional sandblasters use 100% recycled glass and water media. We guarantee that you won’t have hazardous consequences for using our dustless blasting methods.

We comply with all governmental environmental regulations. For our professional eruption, we simply cannot risk having visible emissions. That’s where dustless blasting comes in. The world is headed towards a green economy. Sandblasting Chicago is already on this track with our dustless blasting method, the future of sandblasting.


The use of water in dustless blasting is truly revolutionary. We at Sandblasting Chicago have all the wave-of-the-future knowhow to professionally. The methodology allows for a wide variety of utilizations. We can blast a wide range of surface materials, more than the competition. Dustless blasting can handle wood, such as antiques, decks, siding, and furniture; metal such as heavy equipment, industrial tanks, wrought iron, cast iron, piping, tractors, trailers, cars, and trucks; masonry such as bricks, stones, concrete, pools, sidewalks, and statues and other materials such as fiberglass and plastic.

Don’t hesitate to call our qualified, professional sandblasters at Sandblasting Chicago today! We know all the tricks of the trade.


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