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industrial sandblasting chicago ILMake no mistake about it, we at Sandblasting Chicago offer the highest quality, most professional, most environmentally friendly industrial sandblasting services. Just to clarify, particularly in regard to industrial sandblasting, the term “sandblasting” is a little outdated and misleading. The method has been around for over a hundred years, but in the 21st century we tend to use various types of media that are generally not sand – though sometimes sand is still used. For each job, we carefully consider which type of media to use and will consult with you, the customer, to make sure we do the job right.

Sandblasting Steel

Steel is one of the consequential materials in human history. So, naturally, it is also one of the most durable. Always consider reusing steel bits or parts before disposing of them. Sandblasting steel is advantageous for several reasons. Modern sandblasting is ecofriendly.

Not only do you not have to waste steel, but the abrasive media used for sandblasting these days do not harm the environment. It is also cost effective, being cheaper to use services such as ours at Sandblasting Chicago than to replace steel. It is also time effective, as sandblasting steel projects can be completed in a matter of just a few hours.

Internal Pipe Sandblasting

Metal pipes often are the most finicky metal materials in need of industrial sandblasting. The wonders of sandblasting capabilities include being able to service even the most isolated and small crevices. Rust, gunk, and dirt building inside metal piping can cause serious issues in residences, businesses, factories, or any other type of building. We have the knowhow to blast your metal piping to clean out all of that gunk and mess which has built up over a period of who knows how long.

The internal surfaces of piping are simply the hardest to get to, but we at Chicago Sandblasters are proud to be able to get to these pesky yet essential pieces of metal and clean them out in the most effective and professional manner.

Water and Fuel Tank Sandblasting

Water and fuel tanks can be tricky and dangerous. Given that the steel material used for most tanks is susceptible to corrosion, industrial sandblasting is often necessary from the perspective of routine maintenance. We at Chicago Sandblasters provide industrial sandblast services for water tanks, fuel tanks, chemical standpipe tanks, propane tanks, and sewage and waste water tanks. Industrial sandblasting is useful for tank farm, water tank, waste water treatment facility, and chemical plant owners and managers.

Keep in mind that this type of industrial sandblasting can be extremely dangerous. We urge you to call your local professional sandblasters to do these services in a safe, cost effective, and ecofriendly manner.

Sandblasting Concrete

Industrial sandblasting on concrete is an effective method for hardening it. As malleable as concrete is, there are many industrial sandblasting techniques we at Sandblasting Chicago employee to get the job done for you, our valued customer. From light cleaning to deeply cutting the surface, we have the proper knowhow, nozzle, and other equipment necessary to suit your needs.

Deeper cuts require an extra degree of complexity and consideration, which we are proud to provide. Whether it’s simply blasting away grime or cutting deeply into concrete, look no further than our professional sandblasters. Sandblasting Chicago will give concrete that gorgeous finished look that you desire. Call us today!


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