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residential sandblasting serviceWhile we also have services to sandblast your car, truck, boat, swimming pool, and whatever else, we at Sandblasting Chicago understand that all of these things come a distant second to what’s most important: your home. Whether you are a homeowner or a renter, you can count on our experience experienced professionals to handle any residential blasting project. We can handle any surface, from brick to log to metal to stucco.

Offering highly customizable options for the many types of building materials out there, we have the proper media, equipment, and knowhow to thoroughly sandblast any residence. Rest assured that we aim to use the most environmentally friendly methods and media available in the sandblasting industry.

Soda Blasting

While our services are highly customizable to use the right media for any given project, the most common form of residential sandblasting media is soda, which is what we normally use. Why soda? Soda blasting is light-duty, so it doesn’t risk any damage to residences’ exteriors while removing peeling or otherwise unwanted paint, water stains, and other unsightly blemishes in need of blasting.

It can work on all exterior siding, including brick, log, metal, and stucco, but we naturally analyze what is the best media before beginning a residential blasting project. We have a more in-depth page on soda blasting and its other uses elsewhere on our website that we invite you to check out.


We at Sandblasting Chicago view our craft as an artform. In that sense, it is a pleasure to work with brick siding because of all the aesthetic potential that material provides. We typically use soda as the primary media for brick exterior projects as well. What we do is use soda blasting to remove all paint or selectively leave some behind for an artistic, vintage look for your home.

Our professional technicians are proud experts who get great satisfaction from the beauty we help our customers attain for their residences. Call us today to handle your brick exterior home if you need blasting work.


Log exteriors are particularly susceptible to an unwanted aging look from peeling surfaces or unsightly faded paint. This is because wood with too many damaged elements, such as an excessive number of layers of paint or old stains, are very likely to rot, making replacement a necessary solution. We hope to avoid this last resort solution to help you keep the original material healthy and intact.

Our professional sandblasters from Sandblasting Chicago love to get their hands on a classic log cabin or any residence that has a wooden exterior. Log siding is different because we typically use crushed glass or corn cob medias to blast away finishes, revealing the original wood all set and ready for recoating.

Service and Customization

As previously mentioned, we use soda blasting, recycled glass particles, and corn cobs as media for residential blasting jobs. However, many more options are available depending on your needs. At Sandblasting Chicago, we pride ourselves on our service, professionalism, expertise and versatility. We can offer solutions for any residential project for homeowners or landlords.

Whether it’s a small task such as graffiti removal or if you need an entire house blasted, we have the proper media, equipment, and personnel to get the job done with care. We know how much you care about your home. That’s why you call us!


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