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professional sandblaster from out teamWe at Sandblasting Chicago take pride in our technical knowhow and having the most modern, technologically advanced, and green equipment and methods available. Soda blasting, along with dust blasting, represents the newest and greenest sandblasting method. Soda blasting uses compressed air and a baking soda-based media to get the job done. It is also safe, having been approved by the FDA. Soda blasting is non-toxic, silica-free, non-flammable, non-hazardous, and ecofriendly.

It is an easy way to remove old paint coatings, grease, oil, gasket material, surface corrosion, carbon, and other unwanted substances from nearly any material, such as metals, alloys, plastics, and others. All of this is accomplished without causing damage to the material.

What is Soda Blasting?

Given that it’s a relatively newer technology and has an odd name, many of you may be wondering what soda blasting is exactly. Since sand is more often not actually used in sandblasting, other media are more frequently employed. Soda’s first successful utilization was a then revolutionary moment for the industry, where New York engineers were tasked with sandblasting the copper plates of the Statue of Liberty in a non-damaging way in 1972.

Soda blasting achieved this. Soda blasting is a high volume, low pressure method that can be either wet or dry. When the soda media is introduced to the surface, the sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) is activated to explode, gently releasing energy to clean the surface without harm.

Safe and Ecofriendly

Soda blasting is clean. It is completely free of toxic chemicals that have conventionally been used for heavy-duty surface cleaning processes. It does not produce thermal sparks of overheating. Is also water-soluble. All of these safety benefits also translate to an eco-friendly sandblasting solution. Our professionals at Sandblasting Chicago all well-versed in not only the history of soda blasting, but also the more important technical knowhow.

We are the best in the business with soda blasting in Chicago and the surrounding area. Soda blasting is a safe and ecofriendly option for blasting many varieties of surfaces that need unwanted substances removed.


Given its remarkable versatility, we at Sandblasting Chicago enthusiastically employ soda blasting techniques to many surfaces and objects. We can use our knowhow to help you maintain or restore whole cars, trucks, or motorcycles, small automotive parts, engine parts, metal or wood furniture, window frames, windows, historical artifacts, radiators, and much more.

Projects come in all shapes and sizes. Whatever interior soda blasting tasks you need, you can trust our professional sandblasters at Sandblasting Chicago. We invite you to contact us for an initial consultation and make an appointment today! Our methods are the most professional, highest quality, and friendliest in Chicago and the surrounding area.

Outdoor Soda Blasting

Soda blasting is a trustworthy, safe, and ecofriendly cleaning and restoration method outdoors. We highly recommend it and love doing it. Soda blasting can overcome fire damage, mold, dirt, grime, oil, graffiti, old paint coats, and many other substances on brick, concrete, decks, pools, statues, fountains, fences, railings, fireplaces, and many others, of many materials, from wood to steal to brick to iron. At Sandblasting Chicago, we understand that the outdoor elements can be unforgiving on many surface materials.

We are equipped to deal with these issues professionally, responsibly, cost-effectively, and efficiently. For some of these projects, it is possible we will use crushed glass instead of soda, but will be entirely transparent as we consult with you, our valued customer, on what media will be used.


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